Chapter   Thirty-Two

”I can’t take this anymore,” said AJ.

“What do you mean, my son?” God asked him.

“That,” he replied, pointing at Destiny crying below. “I can’t stand to Destiny to cry. I can’t stand being apart from her and our sons. I can’t stand to have Lance and Hunter grow up without a father. I wanted something different for them.”

“You were given choice,” He reminded.

“I know that, but I had to choose between having my sons lose both of us or just one of us. I thought it would better if Destiny was with the boys. I never thought I’d be as unhappy in Heaven as I am.”

“Destiny was the same way when she was here in Heaven. Much like she is right now. She cried almost every day, wanting to be with you. She was very secluded and tried to hide her sadness. But you, AJ. You are very different.”

“I guess judging from what I’ve done while I was alive, yeah, I’m pretty outgoing. With everything, my appearance, my emotions, my expressions. I have a question. Am I the one with the most tattoos in Heaven?”


“Does that person have more than ten?”

“Completely covered her body. She’s not the only one. There are many others here with tatoos. It’s considered a form of expression, so it’s not like you can’t be accepted into Heaven if you have them.”

“Oh. I was just wondering. ‘Cause, you know, it’s be kinda weird if I was the only one with tatoos.”

“Do you want to go back to your wife and children?” God asked him.

AJ nodded vigorously. “Yes, more than anything. I don’t feel whole without Destiny and our sons.”

God looked at AJ for a minute. “You have proven yourself to me, just as Destiny had when you two found an everlasting love. That love brought her back to you as it will you to her.”

AJ smiled. “Thank you so much. Also, I was wondering if I could discuss a thing or two with you.”

“Of course, my son. Best to do it now before you depart.”

“All right.”

AJ and God walked away from the scene. As soon as God told AJ he could go back, Destiny stopped crying and looked at the sky. She knew something was happening, but she didn’t know what. Please, Great Spirit, let Alex come back to me, Destiny prayed. Then she got up off the lounge chair and went inside the house.

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