Chapter   Thirty-Three

A few weeks later.....

“You’re birthday’s in a couple weeks,” Justin Morningdove said. He and Destiny were at her parents’ house. “What would you like to do?”

“I don’t know,” said Destiny. “I just want Alex back.”

“Maybe he’ll be given a chance just like you were,” suggested Justin.

“I don’t think so. I was allowed back within four months of my death. It’s been almost six months since Alex was killed.”

“You don’t know that there’s a time limit to these things.”

“Do I? I miss Alex with all my heart, Daddy. And I know he misses me, too. Why would the Great Spirit keep us apart for so long? I feel so empty without him.” Destiny gathered her things from the couch beside her. “I have to go. I want to visit Alex’s gravesite before I go back to the house. Bye.” She gave Justin a quick kiss before walking out the door.

Ten minutes later.....

Destiny walked over to her husband’s gravesite. It remained covered with flowers and notes from fans. It was probably the most decorated site there. Destiny sat down in front of the headstone, as she usually did. It was near sunset, so she couldn’t stay long.

“Hi, Alex,” she said quietly. “How are you doing up in Heaven? I’m doing okay down here. That’s not true. I feel so lost without you. I try to get over this for the sake of Lance and Hunter, but I can’t seem to do it. Ever since you’ve been taken from me, I haven’t been the same.” Destiny wiped away the tears that had started to fall. “Well, Lance and Hunter are doing fine. I’m sure you’ve been watching them. I hope you saw them take their first steps. I was so happy and excited. I see you in them. Sometimes when Hunter smiles, I swear it’s that same mischievous smile you had. Lance is so active, always crawling around everywhere. I can’t believe they’re almost eight months old.”

Destiny softly touched the place where it had AJ’s full name on the stone. “I miss you so much. Why did you have to be taken away? I will never understand it, never. I still wear the ring you bought me that day back in Boston. I never take it off, even when I take a shower. I’m that afraid of losing it. I talk about you to Lance and Hunter every day. I tell them how much you love them and how I’m sure you want to be with us. Oh, God, Alex.....”

Destiny covered her eyes and started sobbing. She cried and cried until she thought she couldn’t cry anymore, like she had no more tears left. Just when she stopped she heard someone walking up behind her. Assuming it was a fan, Destiny quickly wiped away her tears and prepared to face him or her. But when she turned around, it wasn’t the face of a fan she was looking into. It was AJ.

Then she fainted dead away.


A few minutes later, Destiny opened her eyes. She saw AJ looking at her with concern on his face. Destiny looked around and saw there were two girls with him, twins it looked like. Then Destiny looked at AJ again. She lifted up a hand and touched his cheek ever so gently, feeling of she didn’t, he would disappear into thin air.

“You’re..... You.....” Destiny started.

“Yes, my love,” he smiled. “I’m back and here to stay.”

Destiny sat up. “When did you..... How did you.....”

“Well,” AJ started. “I just got back a few minutes ago and I’m sure you know how I got back.”

Tears came to her eyes. “Why?”

“You know why, Destiny. Because I love you, because I missed you more than anything, you and our sons. And I couldn’t stand to be apart from you any longer. Our love brought me back to you, just as it brought you back to me.”

“I can’t believe you’re here,” Destiny whispered. “Oh my God, Alex..... I missed you so much.”

Destiny threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. AJ pulled her closer to him, reveling in the feel of holding her in his arms again. Then he pulled back and gave her a kiss full of all the pent up feelings of love, passion, and joy to be back with the woman he loved. Destiny kissed him back with just as much feeling. Finally, they parted and stood up. Destiny refused to let go of AJ’s hand for fear that he might float away if she did.

“Don’t worry, Destiny,” AJ said, noticing the fear in her eyes. “I’m not going anywhere. Except home with you.”

“Now I know what it must’ve been like for you when I came back,” Destiny said. “It’s just so amazing that you’re standing in front of me, holding my hand. I never thought you’d come back to me. I prayed every night that you would, but so much time had passed I didn’t think you would.”

“Time has no bearing in Heaven,” AJ told her. “You should know that.”

“Alex, Cheyenne and I are feeling a little left out here,” Reina said.

“Yeah, Alex,” Cheyenne chimed in. “Hurry up and introduce us. It’s kind of cold out here.”

“Yeah, Alex,” Reina agreed. “I thought it was supposed to be warm in Florida.”

AJ and Destiny looked at the two girls, who were dressed in skirts that reached just above their knees and tank tops with open-toed shoes that had three inch soles. Destiny looked at them and couldn’t think of who they could be. AJ led her over to them.

“Destiny, honey,” AJ said. “I’d like you to meet my sisters, Reina and Cheyenne. They’re identical twins, just like Lance and Hunter. Reina, Cheyenne, this is my wife Destiny Morningdove McLean.”

“Hi, Destiny,” the two girls said at the same time.

“Hi, Reina, Cheyenne,” Destiny said slowly. She looked at Alex confused. “I didn’t know you had sisters, Alex. I mean, I knew, but I didn't know they were twins.”

“Here’s the story,” AJ said. “Before my parents divorced, my mom was pregnant with twin girls. But there were complications and they died at birth. About two years later, my dad left and they divorced.”

Destiny looked at the girls. “How old are you?”

“We’re twenty-one today,” said Reina.

“This is our birthday present,” added Cheyenne. “We wanted to come back with Alex, so we were allowed to. We were never given a chance a life. But now, it’s happened.”

“We’ve always wondered what it would be like to be mortal,” Reina continued. “It’s something we’ve wished we could’ve been. Then Alex came to Heaven. He was so miserable without you, Destiny.”

“I asked God if they could come with me,” AJ told Destiny. “We discussed it many times. I would’ve been back sooner if I had come back by myself. But Reina and Cheyenne were determined to come back, too. So, girls, what do you think?”

Reina and Cheyenne looked at each other and said together, “Freezing. Let’s go.”

Wow, Destiny thought. I wonder if Lance and Hunter are gonna do that when they learn how to talk.

Destiny, AJ, Reina, and Cheyenne walked out of the cemetary together and hopped into the car. AJ wanted to drive so Destiny let him. They drove over to the house where AJ was reunited with his sons and Lance and Hunter were introduced to their twin aunts.

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