Chapter   Six

Time seemed to fly by. Destiny tried to contact her family, only to find they had left Florida and didn’t leave an address to the family that now lived in her old house. She cried for days about it. AJ did his best to comfort her and that helped her more than he knew. That seemed to be the way their relationship started blossoming.

The feelings between AJ and Destiny only grew as time went by. It all seemed so natural to them. Being with AJ was all that Destiny had expected and more. AJ felt the same way about Destiny. She seemed to fill that void he had in his heart and he felt like he was finally complete, like he was whole. One of the things Destiny enjoyed most about AJ was his style. He often asked her to help him dye his hair this color or that color. She had fun when they traveled together when AJ was on tour. That was one of the reasons AJ always had her come with him. Destiny seemed to take his life and his career all in stride. She helped out AJ, Nick, Brian, Howie, and Kevin with their wardrobe, make-up, and hair. So much so, Destiny was soon working with the Boys’ stylist to pick out their clothes, accessories, whatever.

Another thing Destiny was grateful for was how everyone in the Backstreet Family seemed to embrace her. Especially Kevin. She felt there was something in Kevin that needed to come out, but she knew that he would come to her when he was ready. Destiny already had a feeling she knew what it was about. Then, finally, Kevin asked if he could talk to her.

They were all in Italy for Kevin’s birthday. Kevin had just gotten asked to walk the runway wearing clothes designed by Versace. Everyone sat down in their seats and waited for Kevin to strut his stuff. When he came out, everyone clapped heartily. Destiny thought he looked totally professional. Then he looked right at her and gave a little nod. AJ looked at them and wondered what was up. Pretty soon, they were all seated in a restaurant and listening to two supermodels serenade Kevin for his birthday which was the next day.

Early the next morning, Destiny and AJ were headed to the hotel pool when Kevin was walking out of his room.

“Happy birthday, Kev,” AJ said, giving Kevin a hug.

“Thanks, man,” Kevin said, returning the hug. Then he turned to Destiny. “Destiny, I need to talk to you about something. Can we go somewhere?”

“Sure,” she agreed. “Alex, honey, I’ll meet you at the pool, okay?”

“Alright.” AJ leaned over and gave her a brief kiss, then headed towards the pool.

“Where do you want to go?” Destiny asked.

“Let’s go to the gym. It’s not too far from the pool area,” Kevin suggested. “Besides, I need to workout.”

They walked there in silence. When they got there, they sat on a weight bench. Destiny looked at Kevin expectantly. It took him a few minutes to get the question out.

“I was wondering if.... you ever saw.... my dad,” Kevin said. “You know, up there in Heaven.”

“I talked to him, yes,” Destiny said. “He gave me a message for you. I was waiting for the right time to tell you and it seems it has arrived.”

“What did he say?”

“I talked to him the day Brian had his surgery. Like the rest of your family, he was there, too. Together we watched everything. He saw how worried you were about Brian, and that made him so proud of the man you had become. Your father is very proud of you, Kevin. And he wanted me to let you know that he will always be proud of you and watch over you, to always remember that no matter where you are, he’s always with you and he’ll always love you.”

Kevin teared up. “Does he know how much I love him and how much I miss him?”

“He knows, Kevin,” Destiny said. She touched his cheek with her hand. “He knows you’ll always love him.”

A tear slipped down his face. “Thank you so much, Destiny.”

“Happy birthday, Kev.”

They hugged for a long time. When they pulled away, Destiny smiled at him. Kevin smiled back. They said they’d see each other later and Destiny left to join AJ at the pool. As she reached him, she leaned down and kissed him. She felt like all the obstacles that seemed to be in front of them had been torn down. Destiny was now completely sure that she had a reason to stay, that her love for AJ would keep her here, just as surely as she saw him right in front of her.

“What did Kevin want to talk to you about?” he asked her.

“He had some questions he wanted to ask about his father,” Destiny said.

“Did you meet Kevin’s father? What was he like?”

“Yes, I met him. He’s very much like Kevin. They live through each other.”

“I wish I had that kind of relationship with my father.”

“You might, if you gave each other a chance,” Destiny told him. “Your father loves you, just as I know you love him. You two just don’t know each other and it’s up to the both of you to change that.”

“One of these days,” AJ said. Then he grabbed Destiny and pulled her down on his lounge chair. “Come here, my love. No more talking. I just wanna be with you.”

“I wanna be with you, too.”

It was at that moment that AJ realized he had fallen in love with Destiny. And for some reason, he knew Destiny loved him, too. It had been three months since they found each other again. They both knew it was time.

Chapter Seven
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