Chapter   Seven

Everything after that seemed to fall into place. The Boys went to Sweden to record some tracks for their new album and Destiny opted to stay in the States. AJ tried everything to convince her to come, but she wouldn’t budge. All she asked was what day he was getting back and he said a week before Christmas. That seemed to make Destiny happy for some reason. When AJ left, he felt like only part of him was there. It was so different without Destiny. He missed her so much, so he threw himself into the recording of the new album.

Destiny also missed AJ. More than she wanted to admit. While he was gone, she looked around the house to see if he had any Christmas decorations. He didn’t. Destiny grabbed the keys to his Mercedes and took off the to the store to buy some to put up. When she was done, she drove to the mall and went to Victoria Secret. Destiny took her time looking at all the lingerie they had. She wanted a special look for AJ when he got home. The decorations were part of a surprise.

Destiny had thought long and hard about what she was going to do. She knew she loved AJ and that he loved her, too. They just had yet to tell each other. So, she came up with a plan that would change all that. Destiny wondered if AJ still had dreams about her. She didn’t know since they still slept in different rooms. As she thought about that, she ran into someone near the transparent nighties. When she looked up, she saw a pair of eyes filled with dislike.

“Looking for something to wear for AJ?” Amanda asked her.

“I’m just looking around,” Destiny said. “How are you, Amanda?”

“Considering I’m talking the woman who stole my boyfriend, not too good.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“You could’ve stayed away. I bet you knew he liked you as more than a friend and paid no mind that he had a girlfriend. A girlfriend who loved him, who still loves him....”

“Despite what you might think, that’s not how it went. Alex and I were meant to be together. We both believe that. And trust me, I didn’t just automatically take your place. It was a slow process. Besides, wasn’t it you that told him it was over? He told me you said that you were gonna give him some time to figure out what he wanted.”

“That was when I was sure he’d come back to me. I didn’t know he’d go after the first woman that caught his eye.”

“That’s not true. Alex cares about you and it hurt him to do this to you. He really used his time wisely and he came to a decision that he wanted to be with me, not you. I don’t understand how you came blame me for what happened. Alex is in charge of his own feelings and heart. I’m sorry that it caused you hurt when he chose me.”

Amanda leaned against the wall and sighed. “It just hurt me so much when he told me that he didn’t love me the way I love him. And I miss him so much. I know it’s been several months, but I can’t help what I feel. I really thought AJ and I had a chance.”

“So did he,” Destiny told her. “He cares about you more than even he knows, but I sense it in him. You have a special place in his heart, he told me so. And more than anything, he would like to continue your friendship.”

Amanda looked at Destiny and couldn’t believe the things she was telling her. Any other woman probably would’ve told Amanda to stay away from AJ. Not this one. This one was asking for her friendship on AJ’s behalf. Amanda didn’t know why, but she trusted Destiny. She had this vibe about her that didn’t seem to come from anyone else. It would be so much easier to just hate her, Amanda thought. But you can’t be AJ’s friend if you can’t accept his girlfriend. She felt that to be true. It was either all or nothing with AJ. He told her that. And for some reason, Amanda was beginning to like Destiny.

“I can see you want to think it over,” Destiny said when Amanda said nothing. “Alex, his mother, and I are having a Christmas party next Friday at the house. Your welcome to come if you want to.” Destiny started to leave.

“Wait,” Amanda called out. “I’ll think about coming.”

Destiny smiled. “Okay. I’m sure Alex would love to see you there.”

Amanda found herself smiling back. “Thanks.”

Destiny nodded and left the store.

Chapter Eight
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