The next morning, Aerial, Justin, and Denise came over right after Destiny called them and told them what had happened. Denise almost started crying the minute she walked through the door. Her and AJ hugged for so long, telling each other how much they missed each other. Destiny looked at them and for the first time realized just how strong the bond between mother and son were. She saw part of Denise come alive again that morning. Everyone was happy to have AJ back. Then AJ presented his sisters, Reina and Cheyenne McLean, to their mother. The tears really started flowing them. It really made the whole family complete.

Nick, Howie, Brian, and Kevin came over that afternoon, welcoming back AJ to the group. They all had a talk and decided that it was going to be a difficult thing to have AJ back in the spotlight with the rest of them after having died. AJ fixed that right away. He said that it was all taken care of by the power of God. He, the Boys, Destiny, and their families would be the only ones to what really happened. The second AJ got back, it was like a change in history. In the publicís eye, it was like AJ never died. He was just wounded, and needed some time off to recover from the substantial injuries he suffered from that wound. In the minds of the fans, AJ was rehabilitating himself to be in top shape to continue going on with the Backstreet Boys, much like Brian had to after his heart surgery. As for Reina and Cheyenne, they were always there and the fans knew about them, just like they know everything else about the Backstreet Boys.

The Backstreet Boys went on for the next several years before they retired (they did not break-up). Brian and Autumn got married and had three children: Brian Jr., Nicole, and Kevin, and lived in Kentucky. Nick and Estella also got married and had six children: Nick Jr., Brian, Robert, Taylor (a girl), Victoria, and Maria, and lived in California. They were the last of the Boys to get married. AJ and Destiny had three more children, so now there was Lance, Hunter, James, Harmony, and Summer, and they all lived in Kissimmee, Florida. Kevinís brother, Jerald married Destinyís sister, Hope and had four children: Jerald III, David, and Michelle, and they lived in Texas. Howie and Claudia had five children: Caroline, Howie Jr., Erica, Alex, and Destiny, and they remained in Orlando. Kevin and Kristin had three children: Kevin Jr., Scott, and Music, and they lived in Kentucky, also.

The Backstreet Family really grew as you could tell. And even though they all lived in different places with their families, they always kept in close touch. They all had a reunion every year, where everyone would get together in the place it all started: Orlando, Florida. The Backstreet Boys did a reunion tour, much to the delight of the now older Backstreet Boys fans. A lot of them had graduated college and had professional jobs now, but they never stopped loving the Backstreet Boys. And with a group as great as the Backstreet Boys, how could you? Somehow, the fans that had stayed fans through all the years, didnít think it was possible.

AJ and Destiny grew old together and watched their children grow up and become adults. They stood by as each of them got married and had children of their own. And every wedding anniversary, they both remember that fateful day when AJ was walking his puppies and Destiny was walk her chow puppy. They also thanked God every day for their chance to live their life together and to love one another into eternal life.

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