Chapter   Ten

Everybody had arrived back to their rooms late, but they didn't say anything to each other until the next morning. The girls gathered in Tricia's room and talked about what had happened. When Tricia found out where Tamera and AJ had gone, she got angry until Tamera pointed out they never did leave hotel property, so in all literal sense, she didn't leave the hotel. Tricia once again got upset when she found out Anissa told her she and Nick went to the beach until Anissa told her Tricia never said she couldn't leave the hotel. But one thing was for sure, they all has some unbelievable experiences the night before.

Meanwhile at the Boys' hotel, they were all in Howie's room, telling about what happened with the girls the night before. Technically speaking, they had all cheated on their girlfriends. But to their disbelief, they didn't feel any guilt. Until their girlfriends walked in while they were talking and apologized for acting like spoiled brats the day before. From that point on, the Boys were dreading the video shoot ahead of them.

When it came time to get to work, the Boys showed up with their girlfriends. Nick, Kevin, Howie, Brian, and AJ all came to the decision to act like nothing happened the night before. Tricia, Tamera, Anissa, Valerie, and Ariana felt like they had just been played for fools. But they knew they couldn't walk out on the video. They were just grateful all the couple scenes had already been done.

Laura, Lisa, Sarah, Jazzmine, and Marianna were glad everything was back to normal with their boyfriends. Or so it seemed to them. But in all reality, the Boys kept sneaking peeks at the girls. By the time the shoot was over, everyone felt emotionally drained. Except the girlfriends. They all headed their separate ways after Donna and Dennis thanked the girls for helping out with the video. The girls told them they were glad to help, gave the Boys one last cold look and left. They couldn't wait until it was time to go home, so they could forget this whole experience.

The rest of their stay there, it seemed like everywhere one of them was, "their" guy was there. And they were with their girlfriend, which made it even worse. But all the girls soon started hangin' out some other guys they met at the beach. Much to their surprise, they had fun with the new guys. When it was time to leave, they exchanged numbers and addresses.

For the Boys, it was a different story. Whenever one of them saw "their" girl, they wished they were with them. It was worse when they started seeing them with other guys. But they knew the girls had every right to see other people. As much as they told themselves that, it didn't make it any better. They saw the girls at the airport, kissing their "boyfriends" goodbye, board their plane, and take off back to Chicago. Marianna, Laura, Sarah, Lisa, and Jazzmine were going to drive back to Orlando, making some stops along the way to visit friends. Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Kevin flew back overseas to finish their tour.

"Do you think Anissa will eventually forget about me?" Nick asked them.

"Who knows," said Howie. "It looked like Ariana already moved on. And why shouldn't she? She has her own life that I'll never be a part of."

"Why did I do that?" Brian wondered aloud. "Why did I let my feelings for Valerie cloud my thinking? I shouldn't have kissed her."

"I miss Tamera," said AJ, leaning his head against his seat and closing his eyes. "Why did she have to be so beautiful, so sweet, so fun to be with, so.... so...."

"Perfect for you?" Kevin finished for him. "That's the way it was with Tricia. I felt like I found the other half of me. But how could I feel that way and be with someone else?"

"Trust me, Kev," AJ told him. "When it comes to love, you aren't given a choice."

All the guys decided to stop talking about the past week and get some rest. They went to sleep only to dream about what could've been.


"Do you think Nick's thinking about me?" Anissa asked.

"Give it up, girl," said Tamera. "Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick, and AJ are just a bunch of jerks who weren't happy with their girlfriends for about two seconds, so they decided to use us."

"I can't believe I fell for it," Ariana said. "I feel like the stupidest person on the planet."

"You're not the only one," said Tricia. "Kevin was so sincere and I thought he really liked me. But I shouldn't have gotten that close to a guy with a girlfriend."

"Everybody, shut up!" Valerie said. "I don't want to hear about Kevin, Howie, Nick, AJ, and that inconsiderate, freak-of-nature, jerk, Brian."

Valerie burst into tears. Tricia hugged her friend as she cried. This whole vacation was the worst trip I've ever been on, she thought. Tricia looked at Anissa, who was looking out the window, tears falling down her cheeks. Sixteen years old and heart-broken. Her mother is going to have some words.

The rest of the flight was spent either eating or sleeping. No one talked unless it was necessary. When they finally landed in Chicago, they headed home. Tamera was dropped off first, then Anissa. Luckily, Anissa put on a happy face for her mother. For that, Tricia was grateful. Then her, Ariana, and Valerie went back to their apartment.

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