Chapter   Seventeen

Brian and Valerie got back to hotel just as the other started loading up their bags and things into the vans taking them to the airport. They had managed to work everything out with Tricia, Anissa, Tamera, and Ariana. They all figured if they wanted to stay friends, then the girls would have to respect Valerie's decision to be with Brian. Brian gave them all his cell phone number, so the girls could keep in touch with Valerie throughout their travels. After that was all cleared up, Tricia, Tamera, Ariana, and Anissa asked Brian questions about Kevin, AJ, Howie, and Nick. When Brian looked at his watch, he saw it was time to leave. Brian and Valerie said goodbye to the girls and left.

The Backstreet Boys traveled around the country promoting their album, putting on shows, making TV appearances, going to magazine interviews, radio interviews, photo shoots, etc. Valerie contacted various designers and was getting a fairly good response from some of them. She kept in close contact with Tricia, Ariana, Anissa, and Tamera. When the promotional tour was over a few months later, the Boys went back to Florida. Except Brian, who went back to Chicago with Valerie. They comtemplated moving an apartment together in Orlando.

While all this was going on, Tricia announced that she would be moving to Lexington, Kentucky to work at St. Joseph's hospital. Brian told her he stayed there for a few months when he was a little kid. Valerie, Brian, and Ariana helped Tricia pack. Anissa and Tamera drove with Tricia to Kentucky and helped her settle in her new apartment. Tricia was glad for the time she got to spend with her sister since they wouldn't be seeing much of each other now that they were states apart. It seemed like their relationship grew stronger at the quality time they spent together.

There was on little thing about the move. Tricia knew Kevin's family lived nearby also, so she told everyone who knew she was moving there, not to say anything about it to Kevin, in any way, shape, or form. They all promised not to say anything to him. It was hard to convince Brian, but they finally did.

The months passed and it came close to summer. Brian, Valerie, and Kevin went back to Kentucky to spend some time with their families before another tour started overseas. No one could predict that this would the time Kevin and Tricia would see each other again. Except fate....

Kevin went to see his goddaughter, Madison. He looked at her and longed to start a family of his own. He pictured him and Tricia raising a beautiful family together. Kevin was so deep into his daydream he didn't see Madison climbing onto the kitchen counter to get a cookie from the cookie jar. Next thing he knew, Madison fell off the kitchen drawer she was standing on and hit her head on the corner of it.

Kevin rushed over to her and picked her up. Madison was bleeding from a cut on her head and she was screaming her head off. This is just great, Kevin thought as he ran out the door to the car. I shouldn't have been daydreaming while watching Madison. Now, thanks to me, she might have a concussion. Kevin drove to the hospital and Madison was taken in immediately. Kevin called her parents, who were visiting with some friends. They rushed right over to the hospital. Kevin apologized to them as soon as they arrived. They said they just wanted to know their baby was all right.

Kevin went to get something to drink when the doctor showed up and was talking to Madison's parents. He looked at her and recognized her right away. Tricia? he thought. He blinked a few times to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Nope, it was her. He walked up to the three just as they were walking towards a hospital room.

"Tricia?" Kevin said, still in awe.

Tricia looked at him and stopped dead. "Kevin?"

"Do you two know each other?" Madison's mother. "I thought she was new here."

"I am," Tricia told her.

"I met Tricia when the Backstreet Boys were in Miami taping a video last year," Kevin told them.

"Then I saw him in Chicago when my friend ran off with his cousin Brian on her wedding day," Tricia said.

"Why don't you guys go see how Madison is doing," Kevin said. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

They nodded and left. Kevin and Tricia looked at each other in silence for a few minutes. Then both spoke at once.

"You go first," Kevin said.

"How do you know Madison?" Tricia asked him.

"She's my goddaughter," Kevin told her. "I brought her here when she fell. My turn. When did you move to Kentucky?"

"About four months ago," she told him. "I was supposed to go to a hospital in Chicago, but I was offered to work here with children and I couldn't turn it down. Don't think it has anything to do with you."

"Why would I? I know you hate me."

"I don't hate you, Kevin...."

"Then why can't you forgive me for something that happened over a year ago?"

"You want forgivness? Fine. I forgive you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

"Wait." Kevin grabbed her arm. "Tricia, please, can't we talk about this?"

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Madison's mother said, "but, Kevin, Madison's asking for you."

"I'll be right there," Kevin told her. Then he turned back to where Tricia was standing and saw her walking away in another direction. I'm not giving up so easily, Kevin thought and walked to his goddaughter's room to see how she was doing.

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