Chapter   Two

The Boys arrived at their hotel and checked into their rooms. Each had their own room so they could have some privacy with their girlfriends. They all went their own separate ways to get settled in. As soon as AJ and Jazzmine were alone in his room, Jazzmine jumped AJ. They fell onto the bed, Jazzmine on top. They started getting hot and heavy when someone knocked on the door.

"Whoever that is has the worst timing in the world," Jazzmine said, getting off of AJ.

"Who is it?" AJ yelled, sitting up and feeling kind of relieved that someone had interrupted.

"It's Kevin," came the answer.

"Can't you tell him to go away?" Jazzmine pouted, as AJ got up to open the door.

"It might be important, baby," he said. Jazzmine just rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything else. AJ opened the door and saw Kevin by himself. "Hey, what's up? Where's Marianna?"

"In my room, sulking," Kevin told him. "Donna kinda interrupted us."

"Then you won't be hurt when I tell you to go away." AJ was about to close the door, but Kevin put his foot in the way.

"Donna said we have a problem to discuss. Something to do with the video."

"Damn, already? Alright, hold on while I tell Jazzmine." AJ left the door open and walked over to Jazzmine.

"Jazzmine, I have to go," he said, grabbing his hat and shades.

"But you just got here," Jazzmine complained.

"I can't help it," AJ told her. "It's part of the job. Donna wants to meet with us to discuss a problem with the video."

"But you guys haven't even started doing the video yet."

"There is some behind-the-scenes stuff that can go wrong before shooting. I'll be back as soon as possible." AJ gave her a quick kiss then walked out the door.

Kevin and AJ walked into the room Donna was staying in and saw Brian, Nick, and Howie sitting on the couch. They walked over and sat down.

"So, are your girlfriends in you rooms sulking, too?" AJ asked them.

"Donna has the worst timing," Brian said. "She majorly interrupted me and Lisa."

"You? How about me?" Nick said. "I was this close to getting some, man."

"Oh, please," AJ said. "You wouldn't know what to do with it if you ever get that close."

"Shut up," Nick said.

"Alright, fellas," Donna said, walking in. "We have a major problem."

"What's up?" Howie asked.

"The models that were supposed to arrive yesterday, are in Paris, doing a fashion show," she told them. "They were the same girls who were supposed to be in the video."

"So, just get some more models," Brian said.

"All the other ones at the agency are booked," Donna said. "So are the models from the other agencies we use. It's springbreak, guys. Everyone is doing swimsuit fashion shows."

"So what do we do?" Nick asked.

"Unless we find some girls to take their places by tomorrow afternoon, the shoot will be canceled."

"Oh, man," the Boy said in unison.

"How about we use our girlfriends?" Howie said. "I'm sure they'd love to do it."

"I already brought up that suggestion with the director," Donna said. "He said they don't have the right look."

"Look for some girls on the beach," Kevin said. "There has to be someone out there we could use."

"All right, that's a good idea," Donna said, thinking it through. "The director and I will start today. We'll be back in two hours. You guys are free to do whatever you want until then. Just stay out of trouble."

"No problem," Kevin said. "Do you want us to help?"

"No, that's okay. I know you guys are anxious to get back to your girlfriends." Then Donna left the room.

All the guys went back to their rooms and unpacked all their stuff, gathered up their girlfriends, and went to the beach.


"Look at that water," Anissa said. "It's so blue."

"I love it," Tamera said. "I can't wait to swim in it."

"Well, we'll never touch it if we just stand here," Tricia said. "Let's go."

Valerie led the way to a semi-uncrowded spot on the beach where the girls laid down their towels, and other things. Anissa, Tamera, and Valerie went for a walk in the water and down the beach. Tricia and Ariana layed down on their towels and started working on their tans. Then the two girls sat up at the same time.

"Thirsty?" Tricia asked.

"Defintitely," Ariana answered.

They got up and headed to a food stand they saw earlier. After ordering two large lemonades, they walked up and down the sidewalk, looking in all the little shops and cafes. While walking back to their spot on the beach, Ariana noticed a man looking at them.

"Tricia, that guy over there is staring at us," she said.

"Where?" Tricia asked.

"Over by the ice cream vendor."

Tricia looked out of the corner of her eye and saw the man was definitely staring at them. Then he started to make his way towards them.

"Uh oh, he's walking this way," Tricia said.

"Okay, let's just calmly walk over to that group of people over there," Ariana said, pointing in the opposite direction.

The girl started walking, but soon heard the man calling out to them.

"Girls! Girls!" he yelled as he ran to catch up with them. "Hi, I'm Dennis Williamson. I was wondering, do you two have modeling experience, by any chance?"

"Nope, sorry," Tricia said. They started to walk away.

"Actually, that doesn't really matter at this point," Dennis said. "I'm looking for a couple of girls to be in a music video I'm directing out here. The models that were supposed to be in it had scheduling conflicts and couldn't make it out. You two would be perfect."

"Well, Tricia does have a little experience in modeling," Ariana said.

"Ariana!" Tricia hit her in the arm.

"And I'm majoring in theater," Ariana continued, ignoring Tricia.

"How do we know you're really who you say you are?" Tricia said.

"Here's my card." Dennis showed them a card that had the company he was with, the address, phone number, fax number, email address, everything. "Please accept this offer. You'll get paid the same as the models were, $150 an hour."

"Are you serious?" Ariana asked, unbelieving.

"Yes. And trust me, these videos take a lot of time."

"Alright, we're in."

Tricia looked at Ariana like, 'What are you? Crazy?', but Ariana once again ignored her. Dennis told the address closest to the location of the shoot and said he'd meet them there at 8:30am. Ariana and Tricia shook hands with Dennis and went back to their towels, where they found Anissa, Tamera, and Valerie.

"Guess what happened to us?" Valerie said, bursting with excitement.

"You found a guy," Ariana said.

"Nope," Anissa said. "WE'RE GOING TO BE IN A MUSIC VIDEO!!!"

"You're kidding, right?" Tricia asked.

"No, we're really going to be in one," Tamera said.

"Were you guys asked by a guy named Dennis Williamson?" Tricia asked them.

"No, a woman named Donna Wright," Valerie answered.

"She's the manager of some group that's here to shoot a video," Anissa said. "She just came up to us and asked us if we wanted to be in it."

"Why? What's up?" Valerie asked them, worriedly.

"This guy, Dennis Williamson, said he's directing a video a music group is doing. He asked us if we wanted to be in it, too."

Anissa, Tamera, and Valerie looked at each other in concern.

"Do you think this could be a scam?" Tamera asked.

"I don't know," Tricia said. "But if it is, we can run as fast as a couple of old people."

All the girls nodded and went back to working on their tans. By the time they went back to their hotel, they had pretty good ones going. They were all a little nervous about what would happen tomorrow. Soon they would find out if it was all for real.

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