Chapter   Three

"What time is it?" asked Valerie.

"It's 8:25am," Tricia answered.

"Five more minutes," Ariana said.

"Try no more minutes," Anissa said. "Here they come."

Donna Wright and Dennis Williamson walk toward them with big smiles on their faces.

"Hello, girls," Donna said. "Right now, Dennis and I would just like to thank you for helping us out. You saved us big time."

"I guess it's our pleasure," Tamera said.

"Okay," Dennis said. "I assume you girls got to know each other."

"Actually, we already know each other," Anissa admitted to them. "We're all here on springbreak."

"Oh, that makes it even better," Dennis said, smiling. "Going on, we were in such a hurry to find girls to be in the video, we didn't even find out your names and ages."

"Let's start with the oldest, then work our way down," Donna said.

"My name is Tricia Mason and I'm twenty-four."

"I'm Ariana Flores and I'm twenty-two."

"I'm Valerie Merritt and I'm twenty-one."

"I'm Anissa DeLeon...."

"And I'm Tamera Louis...."

"And we're sixteen," they said together.

"Oh no, that might be a problem," Donna said. "We're gonna have to talk to your parents."

"No need to talk to Anissa's parents," Tricia said. "I'm her older sister and guardian."

Dennis and Donna looked at them skeptically.

"We have different mothers," Anissa said. "She's my half-sister."

"Okay," Dennis said. "So the only one we have to call is Tamera's parents."

Donna got out her cell phone and let Tamera call her parents. Tamera talked to them first, then handed the phone over to Donna. Donna talk to them for a few minutes, then hung up.

"Okay, that's all settled," she said. "Now let's go to the location of the shoot, so you can meet the group."

"If you don't mind me asking, what's the name of the group?" Tricia asked Donna as they walked over to the van parked not too far away.

"They're called the Backstreet Boys," she answered.

Tricia looked at the other girls with a questioning look. They shrugged their shoulders, letting her know they didn't know who they were either. The ride was about fifteen minutes when they pulled up to a parking lot that had different trucks, vans, cars, a couple trailers, and some more trucks loaded with equipment.

Donna lead them to a spot on the beach where there was a huge tent. They walked inside and saw a guy in there getting his makeup done.

"Isn't there enough on my face?" a young blonde guy complained.

"Nick, be quiet and sit still," said the lady doing his makeup.

"Angie, are the Boys almost done?" Donna asked the lady.

"Nick's the last one, as always," she answered. "Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie are in the wardrobe tent."

"Alright. We brought the girls to be made up," Donna pointed to the girls standing in the entrance of the tent.

Angie came over and looked at each one closely. "They're perfect. I'll get started on them as soon as I'm done with Nick."

"Good. I'm going to talk to the Kathy in wardrobe." Donna turned to the girls. "Have fun. I'll be back to talk with you about the concept." Then she left.

Angie put some last touches on Nick's makeup and let him go.

"It's about time," he said. He got up and turned around. He flicked a glance at the girls and walked on by without saying anything to them. Then just when he was about to walk away from the tent, he turned back around and peeked inside.

Oh my god! It's the girls from the airport, he thought to himself. I have to go tell the guys.

Nick took off for the wardrobe tent.


Angie had Tricia sit down in the chair and started on her makeup while Tamera watched as the blonde guy they called 'Nick' walked by and her mouth dropped open. Anissa looked at her and saw the expression on her face.

"You think he's cute, too, huh?" she teased.

"No, it's not that," Tamera said. "That was one of the guys from the airport."

"Huh?" Valerie said. "What guys?"

"The guys I told you were in that limo we saw. The ones with the girlfriends."

"That was one of them?!" Ariana said, loudly.

"SHHHH!!!" Anissa said. She turned back to Tamera. "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," Tamera said.

"Oh, wow," Ariana said. "We're going to be in their video."

Tricia came back over to the crowd. "Anissa, you're next."

Anissa walked over to the chair and sat down.

"What are we talking about?" Tricia asked.

"Tamera said that guy that just walked out of here was one of the guys she saw get into that limo we saw yesterday," Valerie told her.

"Are you serious?" Tricia looked at Tamera.

"Very. He's one of them."

"Ariana, you're next," Anissa said, walking over.

Ariana went over to the chair. Then Valerie was called and, finally, Tamera. After they were done, Angie lead them over to the wardrobe tent, where they saw Donna talking to five guys.

"They're all done, Donna," Angie said, proudly. "It didn't take much to make them look their parts."

The girls watched as the five guys stood up with odd expressions on their faces. Sort of a mix between shocked and curiosity.

"Fellas, come on over," Donna said. "These are the girls we hired to take the models' place. Girls, I'd like you to meet your co-stars, Kevin Richardson...."

"Hey, how's it goin'?" said a tall guy, with black hair and stunning green eyes.

"His cousin, Brian Littrell...."

"Hello, ladies," a guy with chestnut brown hair that curled in the front and gorgeous blue eyes said.

"Howie Dorough...."

"How are you ladies doin'?" said a guy with long curly brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and beautiful brown eyes.

"AJ McLean...."

"Nice to meet you, ladies," said a guy with dark brown hair who also had beautiful brown eyes.

"And Nick Carter."

"What's up?" said a tall guy with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.

All the girls could do was stand there.


"When are they going to get here?" Brian asked. "I wanna see who we're working with."

"Here comes Nick," said Howie. "Maybe he's got some news."

Nick practically ran inside the tent. "You are not going to believe who we're working with."

"Who, Pamela Anderson?" Brian asked, a hopeful expression on his face.

"Nope, better."

"Who's better than Pamela Anderson?" Kevin asked.

"I'll give you all a hint," Nick said, smiling. "Airport."

AJ quickly got out of his chair. "You're kidding me, right?"

"I'm dead serious," Nick said.

Kevin, Brian and, Howie looked at them, confused. Nick and AJ looked at them weird.

"Come on, guys," AJ said. "You couldn't have forgotten about the five reasons God created girls."

"Oh," Brian said. "OOOOHHHHH!!!"

"You mean the girls at the airport are going to be in our video?" Kevin said, still not believing it.

"Swear to God," Nick said, crossing his heart.

"That's like a one in a million chances," Howie said. "Are you sure it was them?"

"I'm positive, Howie," Nick insisted. "I saw them up close and personal."

The Boys sat down in the chairs around the back of the tent, thinking about the girls from the airport. Their thoughts were interrupted by Donna.

"Alright, fellas," she said. "The girls will be here in a few minutes. They're in makeup right now."

Right then, Angie walked in with five girls. "They're all done, Donna. It didn't take much to make them look their parts."

Brian, AJ, Howie, Nick and Kevin stood up with looks of awe on their faces. They couldn't believe the girls they had seen at the airport were standing right in front of them. Donna introduced the Boys first then started with the girls.

"Fellas, this is Tricia Mason...." Donna points to a girl with semi-long brown hair and brown eyes.

"....her sister, Anissa DeLeon...." Donna points to a girl with light brown hair with blonde highlights and light brown eyes.

"....Tamera Louis...." Donna points to a girl with black hair and brown eyes.

"....Ariana Flores...." Donna points to a girl with long, curly black hair and black-colored eyes.

"....and Valerie Merritt." Donna points to a girl with auburn-colored hair and green eyes.

The girls then wave and smile at them. The Boys smiled back.

"Alright, now the fun part. Since we only have two days to shoot this video, Dennis has decided to let you pick your own partner. Guys, feel free to do that while I go check on some other things real quick. Donna left them by themselves in the tent.

"Are you going to pick or are we going to pick?" Tricia asked.

"I guess we will," Brian said, hoping he sounded nonchalant.

"Okay, who's picking me?" Ariana asked, looking at them.

"I will," Howie said. He walked over to Ariana.

"I pick Tamera," AJ said, walking over to Tamera.

"I get Valerie," Brian said. He skipped over to her. Valerie laughed.

"That makes Anissa my partner," Nick said. He walked over to her.

"I guess that leaves you for me," Kevin said to Tricia.

"If that's alright with you," Tricia said.

"Definitely." They smiled at each other.

Then they all got into their own couples and started getting to know each other better.

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