Chapter   Six

"CUT!!" Dennis Williamson yelled out. "That was great, fellas."

Nick, Kevin, Howie, Brian, and AJ all let out sighs. They looked over and saw Dennis talking to the girls, telling them what they were going to do.

"What do you think he's gonna have them do first?" AJ asked them. "The 'couple scene' or the 'broken-heart scene'?"

"Probably the 'broken-heart scene' first," Brian answered. "It would be the ultimate test to see if they can act."

"Alright, guys," Dennis said, walking over to them. "We're going to do the 'couple scene' first. So partner up."

"Why are we doing that first?" asked Nick him, sort of panicked.

"Well, we want Nick's and Howie's scenes to take place at sunset," Dennis explained. "We have four hours before that time and we want to do the others with plenty of time, so let's get to it."

The Boys looked at each other helplessly. They headed over to where the girls were. Their only thought was that they didn't hate them for what happened earlier.


"Here come the guys," Ariana said.

"I don't know if I should greet AJ with a smile 'cause I like him or if I should just say a small 'hi' for him not being straight with me," said Tamera.

"I don't think we should resent guys we've known for about an hour," Tricia said. "Let's just act normal. How hard can that be?"

"We're about to find out," Anissa told them, softly. "Hi, guys!"

"Hey, Anissa, what's up?" said Nick. He walked over and gave her a brief hug. Anissa hugged him back. She smiled over at the other girls.

Brian, Howie, Kevin, and AJ followed Nick's example and hugged Valerie, Ariana, Tricia, and Tamera. They were kind of amazed when the girls hugged them back, but happy. The five couples walked over to the set and got right to work.


"Okay, AJ," Dennis instructed. "Take Tamera's hand and walk down the boardwalk. The both of you look happy.... you're laughing.... good."

The camera followed AJ and Tamera as they walked down the boardwalk, hand in hand. They look so natural together, Dennis thought as he looked at them through the camera lense. Thank you, God, for having these girls here when I needed them.

"All right, AJ, you spot the jewelry stand and you pull Tamera over there, excitedly. Tamera, act like you find his excitement funny. "

AJ did as he was told. He pulled Tamera over to the jewelry stand with the excitement of a child at Christmas. Tamera needed no encouragement. She started laughing at his childish antics.

"Perfect. Now, both of you look at the merchandise...."

They looked at the jewelry, pointing at this necklace or that bracelet. AJ picked up a bracelet and had Tamera try it on. Then, she put it back.

"Great. Okay, now, Tamera, walk over to the ring section and you spot this really beautiful ring. You picked it up and try it on."

Tamera walked over to the section with the rings and saw one that she really liked. With a look of awe on her face, she picked up the ring and put it on her left ring finger.

"AJ, walk over to Tamera and let her show you the ring. Have a little discussion about buying it, then, AJ, you hand over the cash."

AJ walked over to Tamera and she showed him the ring she had picked out.

"You want it?" AJ asked her.

Tamera looked at the little price tag. "No, it's too much," she said.

"Nothing is too expensive for you." AJ turned to the sales person. "We'd like to buy this ring."

AJ took out his wallet, took out some bills, and handed them to the sales person.

"Finally, Tamera, you thank AJ for his gift, throw your arms around him, and give him a kiss."

Tamera looked at AJ. "Thank you."

Then she threw her arms around his neck and gave him a small kiss on the lips. She felt a little tingling sensation when their lips touched. Tamera looked up at AJ when they separated. They smiled at each other.

"CUT!!! That was perfect," Dennis said, happily. "I don't think we'll have to do another take."

Thank God, Tamera thought, gratefully. But she also felt a little disappointed that she wouldn't have to do it all over. AJ was thinking pretty much the same thing. Tamera handed the ring back to the sales person and he gave the money back to AJ. The two of them walked over to where the rest of the group was standing and watching. They applauded as AJ and Tamera walked over.

"Okay, people, it's almost sunset," Dennis said. "Howie, Ariana, you two all set?" They nodded. "Good, let's start taping."

Howie and Ariana walked over to the bench they were supposed to start and sat down. They put on the roller blades they were carrying.

"Ariana, don't finish tying that shoelace," Dennis told her. "We want to get some tape of you finishing."

Ariana stopped tying the shoelace and waited until Dennis was ready to start filming.

"Ready!! And.... ACTION!!!" Dennis yelled.

Ariana finished tying her shoelace.

"Howie, take Ariana's hands and help her off the bench."

Ariana sat up and let Howie take her hands. Howie pulled her off the bench.

"Okay. Now, the two of you start blading slowly toward that dock over there. Ariana, get in front of Howie. Howie, put your arms around her waist."

Ariana skated in front of Howie, and he put his arms around her waist. Ariana's heart started beating faster as Howie tightened his hold on her. Somehow, they managed to skate slowly to the dock without falling over.

"Good. Act like the two of you are having an interesting conversation...."

Howie leaned his head down to talk in Ariana's ear.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked her.

"For what?" Ariana turned her head to look at Howie.

"What happened earlier, with my girlfriend," said Howie.

"No, I'm not mad. I have no reason to be mad. You're a sweet, good-looking guy with a jealous girlfriend," Ariana laughed. "You're not the first guy in the world to be in this situation."

"She never used to be that way. I don't know what happened to her."

"That's okay." Ariana smiled. "I like you anyway."

Howie smiled, too. "Good. I like you, too."

"That's perfect, you two," Dennis interrupted them. "Now when you get close to the rail at the end of the dock, stop and look out into the ocean. Howie say something to her, and, Ariana, you say something back, then give him a kiss on the cheek."

Howie and Ariana skated to the end of the dock, then stopped and looked at the ocean.

"You know what, Ariana? I'm glad I met you," Howie said, looking down at her and smiling.

Ariana turned her head to look at him again, and returned his smile.

"I'm glad I met you, too, Howie." She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then the two returned to looking at the ocean.

"CUT!!! That was great," Dennis said. "I think we got it."

Howie and Ariana gave each other a high five and skated back to the bench to take off their roller blades. Then they joined the others nearby.

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