Chapter   Nine

"So, what do you want to do now?" Anissa asked Nick. They decided not to stay in the ice cream shop.

"The beach isn't too far away, let's go there," Nick suggested.

"Okay," said Anissa.

Together, they walked to the beach while eating their ice cream. When they got there, they saw other couples walking up and down the beach, holding hands. Some were sitting in the sand, their arms around each other. Someone was playing a song called "A Better Man" by All-4-One, in the distance. Nick and Anissa decided to sit in the sand by the water. They were quiet for a while, finishing their ice cream, and listening to the song:

"So many times I've looked and found
My dreams around come tumblin' down
And there you were, holding out your hand (holding out your hand)

When there was rain, you were the sun
You were my life when life was done
So this to you, baby, from my heart
From my heart
(From my heart)
(From my heart)
(From my heart)

Everyday you'll see (Everyday you'll see)
How I try and be (How I try and be)
A better man for you (Better man for you)
By the things I do (By the things I do)
A better man, you'll say,
Has come to you today
I'll try and be a better man...."

"I love coming to the beach," said Nick.

"This is the first time I've been to an actual one," Anissa admitted. "It's different when it's a lake. The water's calmer. But I like watching the ocean waves. It's really relaxing."

"That's what I've always thought," agreed Nick. "I've always wanted to come out here with someone when the waves were calm like this, the moon is full, the sky is clear and look up at the stars."

"So this is sort of like your dream date."

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"How do you like it so far?"

"It's what I've always pictured it would be," Nick said, looking at her.

"So let me hold you close to me
Let me prove this love is real (For real)
I'll make up for all the times you've cried
Let me take you in my arms
I'll erase the hurt I see
Come and feel the love I have inside

Anissa got caught up looking in his eyes. Before she knew what was happening, she felt Nick's lips on hers. It lasted only a second. Nick pulled away, his face still inches away from Anissa's, and looked in her eyes. Then he leaned in and kissed her more fully.


Kevin and Tricia were sitting in their booth, taking a break from dancing. Howie and Ariana were still cutting loose on the dance floor.

"You're a really good dancer," Tricia yelled next to Kevin's ear.

"Thanks. I like the way you move, too," Kevin yelled next to hers.

Tricia smiled. It wasn't like they could have an actual conversation with the loud music, but that was okay with them. They like just being able to sit with each other. Then a song came on that allowed them to talk without straining to hear, called "Breathless". They sat and listened for awhile:

"Tonight I want turn the light down low
And turn the sounds up on the radio
I want to feel your body next to mine
So let's slow down and, baby, take our time
'Cause I when into your eyes
Always makes my temperture rise
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Wanna get you in the mood
'Cause tonight we're gonna groove
Oh, baby
Making love until we're breathless...."

Kevin and Tricia looked at each other when they heard the words to the song. Tricia had her hands in her lap and she looked down when she felt Kevin's hand over them. Her fingers of her right hand interlaced with his. Kevin took his other hand and ran his fingertips down Tricia's cheek. He cupped her chin with his hand and tilted her face upward. Slowly, their faces came closer together until their lips touched. Fueled by the mood the song was putting out, Kevin deepened the kiss.


Howie and Ariana were also affected by their overwhelming desire for each other, and they were getting a little freaky as the song continued:

"Come over here I want to make you hot
Kiss you up and down 'til you say stop (Don't stop)
Touch all the little places that you like
Girl, you know I want to take you high (Higher)
Wanna fill you up 'til you've said you've had enough
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
I wanna hear you moan
Call my name out all night long
Oh, baby
Making love until we're breathless
Making love until we're breathless...."

Ariana couldn't handle looking at Howie and seeing the desire in his eyes, and she knew he saw the same in hers, so she decided to turn around. But it didn't make things any better. Howie came up behind her and put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She felt Howie rest his head on her shoulder for a minute, then felt him kissing her neck. Ariana tilted her head to the side a little to give him better access. Howie couldn't believe what he was doing, but it felt so right to him. He turned Ariana around and gave her a long, slow kiss. Ariana knew she shouldn't let him do this, but she just closed her eyes and let the song enveloped itself around them.

"And, no, there's not a soul around
So, come on, can we break it down (Let's break it down)
Baby, don't say stop (Don't say it)
Girl, you know we're hot
Lady, won't you leave me breathless

Tonight we're gonna kick it into stroll
Break it down and let our passion go
Tonight I want to make sweet love to you
Girl, that's all I want
Making love until we're breathless
Making love until we're breathless...."

Chapter Nine (Part Two): This is the end of Chapter Nine