"I can't wait until tomorrow," Anissa DeLeon said, excitedly. "We're finally getting out of this city!!"

"I know," Tamara Louis echoed. "I can't believe my mom is letting me go to Florida with you and your sister."

"I'm glad you're going with me," Anissa confessed. "I'd feel weird about vacationing with Tricia by myself. I'm not used to having a sister."

"That must've so weird to find out you had one."

"Ever since my dad died, we've been trying to get to know each other. I was so shocked when he told me about Tricia. My mom didn't even know."

"But your mom's cool with it, right? About you spending springbreak with your newly-found half-sister?"

"Yeah. My mom's all up for the bonding thing. But she's eight years older than me. What would we have in common?"

"I'm sure there'll be something," Tamara assured her. "Is she bringing any friends with her?"

"Yeah. Two, but I don't know their names, and I doubt they'll be near our age," Anissa told her.

"That doesn't matter. If we're lucky, she'll be so busy hangin' out with her friends, she won't pull any parental stuff on us."

"You want to come over to my place to meet them? They should be there by now."


Anissa and Tamera walked over to Anissa's apartment building, which wasn't too far from Tamera's building. They went up the elevator to the fifteeth floor and walked into Anissa's place. There was three older-looking girls in there. The one with dark brown hair got up and walked over to Anissa. They hugged and said hi.

"Anissa, I'd like you to meet two of my friends coming with us on the trip," Tricia said. "That's Valerie Merritt...." points to the one with auburn-colored hair and green eyes, then points to a girl with long, curly black hair and black-colored eyes, "....and Ariana Flores."

"Hi, I'm Anissa DeLeon," Anissa said, as she shook hands with both girls. "And this my friend, Tamera Louis. She's coming with us, too."

"Hey, nice to meet you two," Valerie said.

"I like your name, Anissa," Ariana said. "It's different."

"I like yours, too," she replied.

Valerie looked at Tricia, then Anissa. "You two kind of look alike."

Ariana and Tamera looked at them, too.

"You really do," Tamera said.

"Well, are you and Tamera all set for tomorrow?" asked Tricia.

"Oh yeah," Tamera said. "I can't wait."

"Neither can I," said Anissa. "I'm tired of being stuck in Chicago."

"We know what you mean," Valerie said. "When Tricia asked us to come, we couldn't say no."

"We'll be by to pick you up at 9:00am, Tamera. Okay?" Tricia looked at her.

"I'll be ready," she answered. "I better get home. My mom might decide to change her mind and that would suck."

Tamera said goodbye to Anissa, Tricia, Valerie, and Ariana. Pretty soon, Tricia and her friends left, too, telling Anissa they'd be by to pick her up at 8:30am. When they left, Anissa went to her room, made sure everything was ready for the next day, then started on what little homework she was assigned. It didn't take her that long to finish. Anissa sat back and thought about how cool her springbreak was going to be.

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