Chapter   Fourteen

About three weeks had passed and the tour on it’s last night. The boys were excited to go back home, and have a few weeks off before going back out again.

“…Tell me why. Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache, Tell me why. Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake. Tell me why. I never wanna hear you say. I want it that way…”

“What Nick?” AJ asked right before he was to finish the song.

Nick looked at AJ and took off AJ’s black hat that he had on backwards, “What’s with the hair?”

AJ looked out at the crowd, “You like the hair don’t you?” Everyone screamed. AJ looked right at the cameraman, and gave a goofy, yet sexy smile. His face was on the huge screens and he finished the last of the song.

“‘Cuz I want it that way.”

AJ finished the last few notes, and looked out at the audience…smiling.

All the guys gathered at the top of the stage, each of them waving to everyone.

“Thanks for being a great audience.” Howie said as he looked over the ocean of people.

“Did you guys have a good time?” Nick asked, “Let me hear you!” he smiled as he put his hand to his ear. Which only made the crowd scream louder than usual.

“I had fun. I hope you did, too.” Brian said. “See ya next time.”

“You guys were awesome. See you next time.” Kevin said as he waved.

It took a minute for AJ to say what he wanted.

“This is the last show for this tour, and for a while there I thought it was going to be my last show…but…” he stopped and looked over the ocean of screaming fans, “How could I leave all of this behind?!” he said as he ran down the ramp.

“Where’s he goin’?” Howie asked.

“You never know with AJ!” Brian added as he looked at the crowd.

AJ ran back up the ramp with five cans in his hands, and a devilish smile on his face.

“What are you doing?” Kevin asked as AJ handed him a can.

He passed a can out to each boy, leaving the fans to wonder what the boys were up to.

All the boys looked at eachother, “1, 2, …3.” AJ yelled as they all ran to the bottom of the ramps and to the ends of the stage, where they sprayed the audience with shaving cream.

The first couples of rows of the audience were, covered in shaving cream and loved every minute of it.

“O.K., we’re really going now.” Howie yelled from the top “See you all next tour.”

All the boys waved goodbye and sang a little more…

“…Tell me why. Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache, Tell me why. Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake. Tell me why. I never wanna hear you say. I want it that way.”

They sang until they couldn’t be seen anymore. They ran off the stage and out to the busses.

“We’re going home.” Nick yelled, “I get to see Mandy.”

“I can’t wait to get back to Leigh Anne.” Brian said as he got ready to climb into his bunk.

“Claudia said she has a surprise for me.” Howie said as he grabbed a pop.

Kevin looked at Kristin, “I don’t really need to go home.”

They all looked at AJ, “It’s alright guys. I’ll be fine.” AJ said feeling sad.

“I’m sorry AJ.” Kristin said. “You always wanted to go home to see Britt, but you and Rox always enjoyed the time away, too.”

AJ got a little smile on his face, “Yeah, we did.”

Nick looked at AJ, “I’m not sayin a word. He’ll hurt me.”

“How come for some reason I don’t think AJ would hurt you Nick?” Brian asked.

“We did have some fun times.” AJ said coming out of his daze.

“Who’s we?” Nick asked, “You and Rox. Or all of us?”

“All of us.” AJ answered. “Oh O.K.” Nick replied. “Good.”

“What did you think I was talkin about?” AJ asked giving Nick a look.

“Well you know. You, talking about you and Roxanne and fun times. You never know with you Bone.” Nick added in his defense.


“I’ll be home in a few hours Britt.” AJ said from the other end of the phone.

“Soon?” Brittany asked anxious to see her dad.

“Yeah, sooner than you think.” He answered as he sat in his expedition in front of his house.

“OK. I’ll see you when you get home.” Brittany said.

“Bye.” AJ said.

“I love you Daddy.” Brittany said as she hung up the phone.

AJ sat there and decided to go to Kevin and Kristin’s and have Kristin go pick Brittany up and they would surprise Brittany by going to pick out her puppy that AJ had been promising her.


“Britt, come on we’re going to go get Daddy.” Kristin said as she got Brittany’s light yellow jacket on her.

“Where are we going to get him?” Brittany asked.

“You’ll see. Just come on.” Kristin said as she took Brittany’s hand and led her out to her white 4-runner.


They had been driving for a few minutes, and Kristin was on the phone with Kevin. And AJ was driving right behind Kristin and Brittany.

“Yeah, we’ll be there in like 10 minutes.” Kristin said, “Yeah he’s behind us…I can see him in the mirror…O.K. I’ll see you in a few…I love…OH MY GOD!”

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