Chapter   Two

A little less than an hour later, she slowly opened her eyes, to see AJ still looking at her, through swollen eyes. Her eyes were opened slowly as she tired and managed to softly say,

“I love you Alex.” And slowly closed her eyes again.

“I love you Roxanne.” He said softly as the machine made a straight beep noise.

“NOOOOOOOO,” AJ yelled as he still had her hand in his, “Don’t leave. Roxanne, don’t please.” His dark chocolate eyes, that were once full of happiness, were full of sorrow.

The doctors and nurses came running into the room, at the sound of the beep. AJ sat there crying still not believing she was gone. The nurses took down the information they needed. AJ started towards the door, but turned around to see his once happy and cheerful wife, and mother of his child, just lay there lifeless, he knew it would never be the same.

He drove home, with tears still pouring down his face. He pulled up in his driveway, and stared at his house.

“Why? Why did you have to go out this morning, you should be here with me.” Howie heard AJ pull up but never coming inside. Howie went outside to check on him, as he got closer to the expedition, he saw AJ sitting in the driver seat crying his eyes out. He got in the passenger side door.

“Howie,” AJ said through tears and with quivering lips, “She’s gone.” He said breaking down again. Howie was in shock, but hugged his best friend tightly as their tears escaped.

They sat there for a few minutes, before they decided that it was time to go inside and tell everyone of the loss of their friend.

AJ walked to the door, and took a deep breath before reaching for the handle.

“Howie, I don’t know if I can do this,” he paused, “I’m all alone.”

“AJ, don’t ever say that! You’ve got us guys, Claudia, Kristin, Leigh Anne, Mandy, your mom, and the greatest daughter in the world,” Howie said, “We’re here for you, and you know that.” He said hugging him before they walked in the door.

He walked around the corner, into the living room and saw everyone Howie has said would be there for him. Denise saw her heartbroken son, and tears fled from her eyes,

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry.” He hugged her, and said,

“What am I gonna do?” Roxanne was Kristin’s best friend and she was totally upset by the whole thing. She went to hug AJ and said,

“AJ, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked her to go out with me this morning.”

“It’s not your fault, you two always went out. It could have happened any day.”

Everyone hugged and cried along with AJ. They didn’t stay long, knowing he wanted to be alone.

“AJ, do you want me to stay with you tonight?” Denise asked.

“No,” he said giving her a hug on her way out, “Everything will be O.K.”

After everyone was gone, he went upstairs to Brittany’s bedroom, and quietly opened the door. She was sound asleep, looking so peaceful. AJ couldn’t stand to know that she probably wouldn’t remember her mother. He began to cry again, as he stood next to her bed. Accidentally he woke her up.

“Daddy, is Mommy home?” she asked half asleep.

It killed AJ to hear her ask, because he didn’t know how to tell her, her Mommy wasn’t coming home…ever.

“No, Britt,” he said crying again, “Come here,” he picked her up and sat in the chair in her room and cried as his arms were tightly wrapped around her.

“Daddy, why are you crying?” she asked looking up at him with her dark brown eyes, “Please, don’t cry Daddy.” She said as she took her little finger and wiped his tears from his cheeks.

“Brittany, it’s Mommy,” AJ said pushing her light brown/blonde hair from her face, “Mommy, isn’t coming home.” He knew this was going to be very hard.

“Why not?” Brittany asked.

“Mommy’s gone,” he answered having no clue how to tell his four-year-old.

“Where did she go?” she asked confused.

AJ took a deep breath, “She went to heaven,” he answered, “By the angels.”

“Is Mommy, an angel?” she asked.

AJ looked at Brittany’s dresser, where there was a picture of the three of them, each of them glowing with happiness, and then looked at Brittany, “She always has been.” He said closing his swollen eyes that were full of pain.

“K, come on Britt, it’s time for bed.” AJ got up and carried Brittany to her bed, and lied her down, as he pulled the yellow blankets over her little body. He picked up her teddy bear, and put it next to her.

“Sweet dreams, sweetie,” he said as he kissed her forehead. AJ walked towards her door, as he heard a little voice,

“Daddy,” she paused, “I love you.” A smile quickly came across his tear-ridden face, as he looked back at his daughter.

“I love you, too,” he said before he turned off her light leaving her night-light on, and leaving the door open a little.

Chapter Three
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