Chapter   Seven

“Mommy, why did you leave?” he heard his daughter ask.

There was no answer, but she added a few words.

“Everybody is crying, because you’re gone. Daddy looks so sad.”

Once again there was no response, that AJ could hear.

“I really miss you Mommy. Will you promise to come back and visit?”

AJ saw his daughter smile, he figured his wife and her mother agreed to come and visit Brittany.

AJ stood there trying to decide if he should go into Brittany’s room, but declined. He figured Brittany would tell him in the morning.

He walked into his bedroom, and took the envelope off of the table. He walked back down the hallway and peeked into Brittany’s room, where she was lying down.

“You guys are never going to believe what I just heard from Brittany’s bedroom.” He said as he walked down the stairs and into the living room.

They all looked at him, like what.

“She was talking to Roxanne.” He said still in shock.

“What was she saying?” Linda asked.

“Britt, asked her why she left and told her how everyone was sad that she was gone. I heard her mention something about you, Kristin.” AJ answered.

“About me?”

“Yeah, Britt said something to the effect that she would be O.K., because she still had her Aunt Kristin.” AJ answered, “Here Kev.” AJ said handing him the envelope.

Kristin teared up, not knowing what to say. “Well you know I’m here for her, and Brittany knows it, too. And, Roxanne asked me and Kevin to make sure you two were O.K., and we assured her we would.”

Kevin was reading the note Roxanne had written AJ, “AJ, did you read the corner of this?” he asked looking up from the paper.

“No, what about it?” “Look at the date, and the message it has next to it.” Kevin answered handing him the paper.

AJ’s eyes told his emotion, “July 21, 2010…ten years ago today, we met.”

“Are you O.K.?” Linda asked.

“I don’t know.” Was his answer.

AJ set the letter down, and picked up the envelope with the pictures in it. He opened the envelope and slowly took out the pictures. He gazed at them for a while.

“She really was beautiful,” Kevin said as he sat next to his friend and looked at the pictures of their wives.

AJ stared at his wife wearing black pants and a yellow shirt, and Kristin wearing the same black pants and a navy shirt. They had their backs to eachother’s and smiles on their faces.

“Yes, she was.” AJ added.

“Oh, I forgot something.” Kristin added, “I’ll be right back.” She walked out to Kevin’s black 4-runner.

“What did she forget?” AJ asked.

“She didn’t say.” Linda answered.

Kristin walked back in the house with a bag in her hands. She went and handed it to AJ.

“Here.” She said.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“We bought it to go with the picture.” She answered as she sat down next to Linda.

AJ reached his hand into the bag, and took out a frame. He sighed as he read what the frame had to say:

Friends…Pals Loyalty Smile Best friends Forever Live Love Memories Life Fun! Happy Share The World Laugh No Secrets These are the good times, the best of times!

The words were scattered all over the wooden frame.

He walked into the kitchen, no one knowing why. He came back out with a butter knife in hand. He undid the prongs on the back and took the back cover off. He set the knife on the floor, along with the backing. He took the picture and placed it in the frame. Still, not saying a word he placed the backing on, and tightened the prongs.

“How does it look,” he asked as he held the frame and picture up for the three to see.

“I think it looks like two best friends, who would do anything for one another.” Linda answered.

“And they would.” Kevin added.

“I’d definitely do anything for her, Brittany, or AJ.” Kristin said wiping a tear from her eyes.

Chapter Eight
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